About Me

So you really want to know more about me? There’s not a lot to know!

I'm a hard-working person, managing two jobs, with not a lot of free time. I've lived in Northern Virginia all of my life, though if an opportunity were to present itself, I’d be more than happy to move. I enjoy NASCAR races, particularly the Joe Gibbs Racing teams (Go Kyle Busch!). I’m a fan of the Washington Football team… or at least I was before Dan Snyder showed up.

I'm a techie, a geek, whatever you want to call it.. I love tech gadgets! I'm not so much an Apple fanatic, though I do own an iPhone, and an iPad. My main computer is a custom-built Windows desktop. I'm into networking… my home network is significant overkill, but at least I know that I'll always have the capacity I need!

I have a nice digital camera… I enjoy photography. I know how to use the manual mode, and adjust settings like the shutter speed, aperture, and sensitivity (ISO) to make a picture look different.

I enjoy working behind-the-scenes on video/TV projects. I've volunteered for the Town of Herndon's cable channel, Herndon Community Television, working mainly behind a camera, for several years. In the past, I’ve also done basic editing of some community event shows that have aired on HCTV.

And I'm also into scanners and amateur radio. I have a ham radio license, as well as a number of scanners, and enjoy listening to police and fire/rescue communications. I used to be very active in Skywarn, the severe weather spotter program of the National Weather Service, but unfortunately I haven't been able to be as involved lately due to working two jobs. I do however provide an online feed of the Manassas, VA NOAA Weather Radio transmitter.


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