Done with Google Reader

As a long-time user of Google Reader, I was very unhappy when the announcement came down that Google would be discontinuing the service later this year. I’ve faithfully used Google Reader to keep up on news and sports headlines, and various blogs of interest to me for years, for a number of reasons. The biggest was that it was always available wherever I was. I just needed a web browser on a PC, or I could use any number of Android or iOS apps that synchronized with it. And if I read an article in one place, it would be marked as read everywhere else, unlike using a regular RSS reader program/app on multiple devices.

So rather than fall into this trap again by looking for another internet service to provide the same capabilities only to have it disappear months or years later, I’ve instead opted to roll my own solution. A piece of software called Tiny Tiny RSS is a web-based RSS reader. Set it up on your dedicated computer, or if possible (though not supported) your web hosting service, set up a database for it to save everything to, and voila! You now have your own equivalent to Google Reader.

An official Android app is available, along with a handful of third-party ones. iOS only has third-party apps to work with it.

Tiny Tiny RSS can be downloaded from the project website at Thanks to LifeHacker for pointing out this application, as well as other various online services that could act as replacements for Google Reader.