For the geeks of the world, I am happy to announce that my site is now accessible via IPv6. I’ve been waiting for my VPS provider to give me the luxury of having a 128-bit IP address for my server for over a year now (I’ve been using IPv6 at home for the past year and a half). And finally, they announced a new data center choice in the US that is IPv6-capable! And I rejoiced, then immediately made a snapshot of my server and moved it to that location. So here’s to you, if you’re browsing my site using IPv6! I don’t have any plans to do any cool stuff for the small portion of the world that is using IPv6 with me… but maybe that will change at some point.

I’m still experimenting with IPv6 at home. I enjoy the control that using my IPv6 tunnel offers, but I’m not as much of a fan of the fact that it’s still using IPv4 to reach the provider. In contrast, going with my ISP’s IPv6 implementation requires that I relinquish some control over IP addressing for devices on my own network, but gives me a completely native process that doesn’t rely on a third party. But regardless of the connectivity method, my home network is nearly 100% IPv6-capable.